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I heart beautiful Belize!

In less than a month and half from now our 5th wedding anniversary will be here!  It’s hard to believe that one of the best days and week of my life was that long ago.  I will write in a separate post about our wedding anniversary celebration when that day comes around.  In the mean time, I want to reminisce on the adventurous days of our honeymoon in Belize.  I thought it’s a good time to share about the fun we had since some of you have not heard about it and because I didn’t have my blog back then.  I am hoping we can return before our 10th wedding anniversary and our little one will be old enough to enjoy it.

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Turtle Inn is one of many beautiful resorts owned by the Coppola family.  Located between the Garifuna settlement of Seine Bight and the Creole fishing village of Placencia (South of Belize City).

When we first arrived we settled in our individual thatched cottage that was decorated with charming handcrafted Balinese furniture.  The tranquil environment was as perfect as a hotel spa that was naturally cooled by the sea breezes of the Caribbean.  We could see the white sandy beach from our private deck and hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline in the distance.  Our sheets were turned down in the evening by the resort staff and there was an endless jar of homemade cookies to enjoy throughout the day.

We ate breakfast everyday at the resort’s Mare restaurant where we had a plate of the local bread, tomato jam (amazingly sweet!) and fresh fruit.  It doesn’t sound like much but it was so delicious that I purchased the cookbook just for the bread recipe!  Occasionally we came back for dinner that was equally as delicious!  Other times we ventured out to try the local food.

Rumfish y Vino located on Placencia Road in Placencia, Belize is a quaint little restaurant on the second floor of a simple coastal style wood building just a bike ride away from Turtle Inn.  Owned by a couple from California, the familiar friendly hospitality made me feel right at home.  The cozy atmosphere, tropical breezy deck and the amazing fresh infused watermelon mojito was such an enjoyable experience!  The dishes were chef quality, very fresh and celebrated the local Belizean flavors.  Check out their website here for more details and the amazing menu.

The resort has a few organized tours; the one we took was the Lubaantun Maya Site and Rio Blanco Waterfalls tour.  A tour guide took a small group of us by van on a scenic drive through the beautiful rainforest of Southern Belize where we then made our destination to the Mayan ruins.  After that we then continued on a short drive to have a picnic lunch and explore the Rio Blanco Waterfalls.  There we saw the waterfall cascade off a 20 foot cliff into a large blue-green pool below, we even jumped off a nearby cliff into the water!!  Of course it took some coaxing from the hubby to get me to take the leap; there were a lot of rocks you know and the water was ice cold!!  The tour was an all day event and definitely worth the time.

On another day, I enjoyed a Thai massage at the resort spa situated in an open-air Balinese Rice House.  It was to my surprise that such a tiny woman can have a very firm hand; I really like the deep tissue massages!  At one point the lady started slapping my back when she was massaging me and I thought to myself “that is a strange type of massage” but then quickly realized that she was trying to keep the mosquitoes from getting me.  Overall, the experience was relaxing just be sure to wear mosquito spray.

Most of the time while we were there we spent laying around relaxing, reading books and soaking the in the peacefulness.  We walked the beach and even saw a stingray float by my  feet in ankle deep water.  That was pretty cool!  There were many other things to do such as snorkeling, scuba diving and zip lining too; maybe we will put these things on our itinerary for next time!  I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience and hope you get a chance to visit soon.



P.s.  Be sure to protect yourself from the No-See-Ums aka Sand Flies.  They are annoying little flies that bite and it takes weeks to get rid of the itch if you are not careful.  These flies are typical pests that hang around sandy beaches.  If you get bit be sure to ask your doctor for a cream that will relieve the itch quickly.  For me, I thought it would go away on its own but after several weeks I finally had to see my doctor.


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