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California Bliss!! (Day 1)

California surely is a beautiful place to be. After the dreadful Hurricane Harvey flooding near home in Houston, the humidity that followed, with yucky horrible heat and mosquitoes too, I couldn’t wait to be in a cooler climate. California dreams brought a whole new meaning to me when I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I adored the warm sun, beach and beautiful cool breezy air of Santa Barbara!

As soon as we arrived we checked into Budget to pick up our rental car.  Did you know you can haggle with the car rental place?  My husband is a champ at haggling; we ended up getting an luxury SUV for $9/day less than the regular price!

Before making our final destination for the day, we stopped for a bite to eat.  There was no question where we would go because we were craving our favorite local taco place, Los Agaves!  This place has yummy tacos, rice and a great selection of fresh salsas!  They have two locations in the area, both are fantastic and offer the same menu but different specials.

After that we joined some friends for a relaxing evening enjoying the great cool weather and grilling on their back patio.  Joy is this place and having my beautiful family with me on this great adventure!  I feel so blessed to have the love of a husband that goes deeper than the oceans and stronger than the Earth’s forces with the moon and to have the most gorgeous baby with this man I love is heaven too!

I will post the remainder of our fun trip in a series of posts.  Here you will find Day 2.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week!

Cheers to you all,


P.s.  It’s sad to say, some people are just plain mean in Santa Barbara.  I got the “I’ll kill you” look from a man, he looked like a chubby version of Pitbull, at the restaurant.  I asked him if he was in line to order, he was standing away from the line with a menu as if he wasn’t ready to order yet, gosh!!  I can’t imagine why, the climate is so beautiful, shouldn’t that make everyone happy?  I have learned that in order to afford to live here some have roommates and have multiple jobs!  I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too around here unless you are a millionaire.


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