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California Bliss, In L.A. (Day 3)

Today we ventured out to explore L.A. and Hollywood.  I wasn’t a fan of Hollywood in general but enjoyed the Hollywood Walk of Fame and thought it was cool to walk by Jimmy Kimmel’s studio!  We spent the afternoon doing the typical touristy things like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, taking a photo in front of the Hollywood sign and window shopping.

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After that we concluded the evening by enjoying a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert in the iconic and architecturally astounding Hollywood Bowl amphitheater.  The amphitheater has an interesting architectural history mainly because of the many architects that had input on the design at different stages of its life cycle, some included Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright’s son) and Frank Gehry.  You can get a more detailed history here on the Wikipedia website.

Tom Petty was awesome as usual!  The music rocked, crowd was wild and pot smoking was all around us; of course since it is legal here and no we did not smoke any.  (This was my second time seeing him live and my husband has been to at least six of his concerts!)

Here are some clips of the concert I took on my phone.

​The night was amazing!  I loved enjoying legendary music under the stars and occasionally seeing the Hollywood sign lit up by helicopter spotlights (not sure if that was on purpose) afar in the mountain above the stage.  When the concert ended we walked back to the hotel from there, it seemed like thousands people were crowed on the streets heading the same way as us, unfortunately the egress sucked but eventually we made it back to have a good night sleep.

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  1. Rest In Peace Tom Petty. Sad that the last concert of your 40th anniversary tour ended up being the last one forever and were grateful to have been there to experience an unforgettable memory. #riptompetty

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