California Bliss, Reagan Presidential Library (Day 5-6)

On the final full day of our vacation we took a short drive from Carpinteria, CA to Simi Valley, CA to see the Reagan Presidential Library.  This beautiful library is nested high on a mountain with amazing views of farmland and small communities down below.  Our toddler enjoyed a stroll around the grounds but she wasn’t very thrilled about the indoor museum.  We did not spend much time reading or watching videos because we had to quickly walk through the exhibit.  Although, she did enjoy walking through the Air Force One and Marine One aircrafts!

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Did you know that both Ronald and Nancy Reagan are buried on the grounds of the library?  Their tomb and memorial are situated overlooking the mountain in such a restful beautiful place.

For dinner we met with some more friends to enjoy The Lark one more time before leaving California.  This time we brought our little girl along and she did wonderfully!  She was well mannered as she enjoyed the scrumptious popcorn appetizer, we definitely had to get seconds for her!  I’m a proud momma!

The next day, on our way to the airport, we grabbed some more Los Agaves for lunch!  Luckily they just opened up for the day when we arrived.

We had a fun time in California and can’t wait to be back again!  Until next time my friends…

Blessings to all,



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