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Love is More (than Vanity)

As Mies Van der Rohe would say “less is more” when referring to architectural design,  I have found that this phrase may apply to many other aspects of life but it certainly does not apply to love!

I will follow you

“Love deeply desires the soul and gladly receiving whatever body accompanies it…” a quote from http://www.fiercemarriage.com, Facebook post 9/29/2019. This phrase is a reminder for me that I never truly felt real love before.  As the quote says, love is about the soul of a person and attraction is just secondary.  I have yet to find someone who cares enough to truly know who I am and to love me for all that I am.  I have wandered around in this world feeling like I live in such a shallow place but then one day I saw a glimpse of love described here in this message that I am sharing with you today.

Yesterday, I was driving on my way to a college football game, alone and stopped at a light, when I noticed a couple happily holding hands with one another waiting at a crosswalk.  When they started to cross the street I saw how lovingly her husband held her hand as they walked together.  Even though she wobbled a little, with an uneven step, that didn’t phase him and they continued to walk uninterrupted and in sync.  This lady is a survivor of some sort, an amputee, with a full artificial leg and I wish I knew her story.  I was impressed by how amazingly well she walked with it and she was even wearing a lovely skirt to show off her beautiful legs.  My heart was delighted for them but at the same time tears started to swell up in my eyes because I know my life is without a love like that right now.  Before this day I told myself daily that maybe if I lose a little weight someone will love me and stick around for awhile but I quickly realized that it’s not that at all.  My loneliness is not my fault and it is not going to be forever.  There will be someone, one day, that will love me no matter what my ailments are and I deserve to be loved that way and NO LESS.  As my best friend would say, if every man I came across was a perfect dream it would be hard to choose between them.  There is ONE person for everyone and that person will be perfectly designed just for me and me for him.

Don’t give up on yourself or the thought of finding a happily ever after.  One day all of it will fall into place just like God has planned it.  Be patient, be wise and don’t settle!  I hope you find a love that will be everlasting and no doubt heaven sent.

With all my love friends!






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