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It’s not the End, It’s just the Beginning

Dreams can happen if you work hard enough and fight for what you believe in!

Divorce is such a deeply devastating event no matter how you look at it.  I’m here to remind you that it may be the end of your marriage but it’s not the end of your life. 

I thought I understood strength when I first became a mom to my darling little girl.  From giving birth to her to endless sleepless hours of nursing and rocking a fussy baby.  Being a stay-at-home mom had me discovering a whole new level of strength as well but I had no idea of the momma lioness strength I had in me when I was dumped on my ass and left to fend for myself and fight for my little girl!

Within a week I had a new professional job and moved into our little rental home.  It was a surprisingly smooth transition.  

Being a single mom I had to learn quickly how to navigate my day-to-day living and realized how much my ex-husband was a crutch for me.  From becoming more efficient with my time, like getting grocery shopping done on my non-custodial days so I could spend more time with her on my days with her, to planning my work schedule to fit my needs when I needed to come in late or leave early to pick her up.

Day by day I became stronger and more capable of doing little tasks that typically my ex would do. The little things that I took advantage of I learned that I didn’t have access to help and I had to depend on myself alone.

Change a light bulb by using a ladder, check;

Routine maintenance on car, check;

Build my daughter’s Pottery Barn Kitchen and Minnie Mouse vehicle (because it came in a box) for Christmas, and double check!

I’m happy for the woman I have become and everyday I am becoming more successful! My advice for you is to reach within yourself to find your strength because I know it is in there! Don’t give up on yourself because you are the only one you can depend on! When laziness is burdening you one day let yourself have a moment to chill (but only for a moment) and then bust some butt working hard again. Progress will lead to success and nothing will happen overnight so be patient with yourself and your children. I hope that you find that lioness (or lion) inside you and roar your way through the hard times and always seek strength through prayer and turning to God for peace.

Blessings to all,


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