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That’s NOvember For You Sir

The look of disappointment when I’ve had enough! This is my NO month!

There’s a turning point in life when you realize how much you let yourself be dragged around in the dirt by the men you date. Last night was mine. Yesterday as you know was Halloween and it was my custodial day with my daughter. I left work at 4:30 pm hoping this would give me plenty of time to pick her up from her dad’s house and head to a friend’s house for dinner and trick or treating fun but unfortunately I was wrong. Frantically waiting in two hours of traffic with frustration and disappointment overwhelming me, I called my ex to have him proceed with feeding our daughter dinner so she and I could go straight to Halloween festivities. Luckily he and I have a cordial relationship and we both work really hard to keep it that way for our daughter’s sake. When I arrived at his house we quickly worked together as a team to get her ready and loaded in the car as fast as we could. As I started to pull away he handed me one additional thing, a neatly packed homemade dinner for me, I was humbled. It was extremely kind and I appreciated his observation that I wasn’t going to have a chance to find or eat a meal so he took it upon himself to help a momma out. His gesture took little effort because he already had the meal made but the thoughtfulness of his actions was worth so much more. At that moment I remembered what it was like to be treated like a respected human being and realized that the men I was dating made zero efforts to give thoughtfully to me even though they claim they are seeking out a love interest in me. My ex had no motive but simply to help and for that I was so grateful. Now I’m putting my foot down and demanding that enough is enough! I’m ready to stop letting the abuse from these men destroy me! Farewell to all of you using bastards, you know who you are! I’m no longer begging for crumbs when I deserve to be presented with a feast.

My prayer for all you ladies experiencing bad behavior from men is that you have the power to overcome the spell they have on you and to open the door of opportunity for a good, loyal and respectful man to come into your life or the ability to live without one. YOU choose your destiny and don’t let men dictate the life that they think you deserve.

Blessings all,


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