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Beautiful You!

Believe you are beautiful not by industry standards but by your own standards. – j. digges

Ladies loving yourself is so important especially during this critical time of crisis. When you are not bonded together with the belief that you are a beautiful person inside and out you allow others to manipulate and confuse you. Your self-love is a foundation of strength and empowers you to stand up for yourself and for the things you believe in.

Acknowledging self-esteem issues right away will help you to deal with the devastating emotions coming from the divorce and help you avoid new painful situations. I can testify to that because I allowed so many situations devalue me during the divorce process and I didn’t look inward to heal what was broken within. As a result I had even more painful situations pile up on top of what I already was facing.

I hope that you will keep your chin up, look in the mirror and be proud of who is facing you there. Love that person and let your light shine through! You have the strength to believe in you!

Have a blessed holiday weekend!

With love,


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