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Surround Yourself with Positive Energy!

A beautiful house sparkles when the aesthetics of it’s purpose is recognized! Realize that you can sparkle too if you exert your true self to the world! Love who you are because you are the definition of beauty! -j. digges

If you surround yourself with with doubt and insecurities you put yourself in a place to stay surrounded with that negative energy. People who focus on your failures and fears, although they mean well, cannot help you grow. Be with people that acknowledge your shortcomings by encouragement and strengthening you with their influence.

The worst time to hear criticism from someone very close to you is during this time of crisis. Being reminded of every area that needs improvement only roots more deep insecurities within.

This is a time, more than ever, to look within yourself and see all the positive traits you possess! Focusing on positive things about yourself will help heal you. I’m certain you know where you need to grow and improve but I believe when you build upon a foundation of loving the good things about yourself these are the areas of strength needed to provide a firm ground for reshaping the negative areas needing reconstruction.

Love yourself because at this time you may only have yourself as a source of love. Remind yourself that you are good, beautiful and strong and believe it! Enjoy this time of self-reflection, being alone and learn to love it! Once you are at peace enjoying the person God made you to be, one day you can let someone love you as you are!

Blessings to you my friend!

With all my love,


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