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Family is God’s Plan

God intended us to be part of a family that’s why he was born into one.

Sitting on my mantel is an adorable little hand painted scene from when Jesus was born that I found at my church fundraiser this past weekend. This precious gem was made by a group of individuals that my church supports who are learning job skills in Columbia. Its beautiful imperfections and simplicity are so warm and loving. My daughter was especially drawn to it because it reminded her of family, “mommy (Mary), daddy (Joseph), and her (baby Jesus)”. This made my heart smile to learn that she found a connection of family in this sweet little illustrated gesture of love.

Just like my daughter, we all yearn to be part of something whole and complete, a family. I am learning this, day by day, as I see her starting to realize that our “family” isn’t like Jesus’. (That’s a hard thing to swallow and I’m definitely not ready to help her understand this reality because quite honestly I don’t really understand it myself). So I’m not a biblical scholar and I won’t go into details about Jesus’ life but my basic understanding is that he was born into a situation where his parents were an example of long-lasting love. Joseph stood by Mary’s side even though her character was questioned and criticize. He chose to love her no matter the cost and as a result they became a family.

Sometimes I need a reminder of what marriage and a family unit is supposed to be like in hopes that one day I find myself with someone, if that ever was God’s plan for me. I often refer to a Facebook page I follow called Fierce Marriage. They are an amazing resource of information that helps marriages stay strong and well. One particular post they shared really resonated with me. It is about how marriage is “a choice to love”. Click here to read the full post.

If you find yourself reading my blog and are contemplating divorce I really hope you reconsider. It’s not an easy lifestyle and many lives are going to being affected, like your children’s and even your immediate family too. Remember wounds heal over time and are forgivable. Be sure to ask yourself if are you choosing to love or not. Make a thoughtful effort to choose to love and if all falls apart at least you will know in your heart you have given it your all.

Blessings to you my friends!

With all my love


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