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Ground yourself back to Nature!

img_0234_std.originalOur human bodies desire the earth and connecting with it.  We are a source from it, atomically we are part of it!  That’s why it’s so important to ground yourself back with nature!  With all the hustle and bustle day-to-day grind of life I found myself needing to be with nature immediately before I was going lose my mind, the fast pace of city life and single mom-ness can be so draining!  I knew exactly what I needed to do and knew that my happy place is the water, more specifically the ocean!  (Some people love the woods or mountains but my fear of large animals like bears and mountain lions would ruin my source for peacefulness unfortunately because I’m so disconnected from nature those fears are oh so real.  I will save my mountain lion story for another day, Lol!). My soul yearned for the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean’s water so I decided to take a quick trip to California!  

For you mommas out there, no matter what you have to stop, take a quite moment, breathe in the fresh air and soak in sun (even if it’s barely peaking out)!  This connection to the earth will help you to connect to your own soul and be more self aware.  To be at your best for your little one(s) you need this alone time so find a way to get it!  I chose to be completely alone for this little vacay (my daughter was with her dad anyway) and I loved it.  Just remember it’s okay to enjoy being alone and it doesn’t mean you love your little one any less (I know they don’t feel guilty when they want to play by themselves or with a friend) so don’t be hard on yourself!  

Today I rolled out of bed, when I was ready, after catching up on some much needed sleep!  I planned a very simple and loose itinerary schedule and just chilled out.  


First I enjoyed a delicious almond milk latte and a keto friendly breakfast scramble at Coffee Coffee while I caught up on addressing my late Christmas cards.  After that I strolled into a yoga class at Gather, which was about a 10 minute walk from my cute little boutique hotel Surfhouse!  The Gather instructor was amazing and I loved the the extra touch of essential oils and head massage added at the end of class!  Such a soothing end to an intense yoga experience!

Yoga at Gather!

Beach Seat Encinitas Beach

After that I enjoyed a stroll to the beach, which was only about another 10 minute walk, and loved the laid back culture of the community as I headed that way.  I even saw some cute shirtless surfer eye-candy to make me smile.  Such a lovely experience!  Once I arrived to the beach, I immediately touched my feet to the water as you can see in my photo I shared at the beginning of this post. After that, I found a nice spot to sit and watch the waves roll in. It was amazingly peaceful and oh so perfect!  Even though it is December it’s still such an enjoyable feeling.  The Pacific Ocean is certainly cold but it still feels amazing rolling through my feet and the sinking of them in the sand brought peace to my being!  The waves are mesmerizing and I could spend forever out there watching the waves come and go and calculating their timing.  God is so good at creating such beauty!

Encinitas Beach

So momma don’t forget keep yourself grounded and peace out! Find your way to that place that make you feel human again, even if it’s laying out a blanket in an open field and letting the wind whisper in your ear! My prayer to you is that I hope that you find peace today and the comfort of a grounded soul!

Blessings and love,


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