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Still Moment in Time

1e_HRbwThese last few days of my new way of working, staying home has been a simple blessing for my little family, I feel like mom again!  Since the divorce, I have been extremely exhausted rushing every moment of the day when my daughter is in my care.  From the moment we wake I’m franticly making a to-go breakfast for her, getting her dressed and then we are racing out the door for a long car ride to the suburbs for her preschool.  After that I head to work, fighting the worst of Houston traffic, to make it for back-to-back meetings only to rush again at the end of my work day to fight traffic again so I can pick her up and take her home as we hurry for a quick dinner so we can meet our bedtime schedule!  Whew, what a mouthful!  Since we are required to work from home now because of our city’s enforcement due to the COVID-19 outbreak, life has been a bit “still” for us in this moment of time.  No rushing, no traffic and no long car rides!  I wake up with a happy child that is well rested and I am too!  I have time to make her the usual bacon/eggs/pancakes breakfast and we eat together.  While I work, I get an occasional big sweet hug that makes me smile from ear to ear and we sing songs too.  Lunch break involves a dance party in the kitchen with a simple healthy meal to follow.  As I get back into the groove of work, I love catching a glimpse of her playing and hearing her little feet scurry around the house on the old wood floors.  She is less needy of my time now because she has the day with me so it’s balanced.  We enjoy the afternoon when 5 o’clock rolls around and work is done.  Dinner time she helps me prep the meal and we play while it’s cooking.  Then, we have plenty of daylight to enjoy the outdoors for a lovely walk with our pup and scootering or bouncing around on our 15’ trampoline!  This “quarantine” has helped me put focus on where it matters most, my little girl!  

I pray for you all to find the hope and positive in this unprecedented days of our lives!  We are in this together and there is still hope and this all will soon be a memory of lessons learned.

God bless you all, stay safe, stay at home and be healthy!

With all my love,


One thought on “Still Moment in Time

  1. I am just amazed and impressed by you! You are an amazing role model! It take a lot of courage to get out of what is “safe” and follow your dreams. I want to do that so badly but I am afraid. Please write a blog about your career change and for people like me who have another passion but afraid to drop current job to persue.

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