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Walkaway Joe

After a phone call with my best friend, Melissa, I couldn’t help but hear the sound of a song my mom used to play when I was a child; almost as if I can hear her whisper these words in my ear.

“That boy’s just a walkaway Joe
Born to be a leaver tell you from the word go
Destined to deceive her
He’s the wrong kind of paradise
She’s gonna know it in a matter of time
That boy’s just a walkaway Joe”

Full song below, “Walkaway Joe” by Trisha Yearwood


If you know me, then you know that I have a gigantic heart and I let even the worst people in my life because I have faith in all of God’s people.  Most times my willingness to give my all to undeserving people get the best of me especially when it comes to the men I meet.

I don’t know why, even after all I have been through with my divorce, a failed engagement before him and countless relationships gone wrong, do I still have hope in love.  My perspective on love has certainly changed since my younger years and I find myself hoping for so much more than what I wanted in the past.

Recently, I met a man that I became smitten over.  He made me feel like a teenager again and foolishly I acted like one.  A little bit of playful fun, silliness and what I thought was subliminally engaging.  I really became enticed by his words and I was fully ready to allow for this individual to open the door to my heart.  He didn’t even need a key.

But unfortunately, that’s the problem here, he didn’t need a key.  I left the door wide open and he didn’t even want to take a step in my direction.  You see men take all that they can get for free.  Who wouldn’t take what is handed to them, hell I like freebies too!  Sadly though when a man doesn’t have to work for a woman, he simply isn’t fully engaged and then they lose interest.  I have speculation this has happened in my situation because I have heard it all before; “work is busy, I don’t have time for a relationship”, “sorry I didn’t see your message”, “my phone lost network that’s why I didn’t reach out to you in the last 24 hours” (by the way, why the hell do they always use the 24 hour window?  I never made any time requirements!) or just a simple ignore (that’s my favorite! Eye roll).  As I spoke to my best friend today she reminded me of these things and how naive I was being in the moment.  Of course, I tell her she is wrong and it is different this time, this guy is clearly a very busy person but in the back of my mind I know she is a 100% right about this situation!  It is now in this moment when I needed to take a step back and see the big picture.  I needed to assess the situation and learn a little about my walkaway Joe and so I did.  Lesson learned?  Don’t let him walkaway Jennifer, you have your heels on, now get to steppin’! I’m the one walking this time.

Ladies, please don’t be like me.  Guard your heart and your time!  You are worth more than to let someone be passive in your world, find the one that wants to aggressively seek your heart and give you his world.

I pray that you have the big picture mindset and are able to walkaway from a possible walkaway Joe.

With all my love,


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