élan mom!

Now that I am a single mom, I’m working on revamping my wardrobe and freshing up my look.  It’s hard to feel pretty on a daily basis when the rush of motherhood has one going nonstop with limited time to polish up.  Half the time I don’t even brush my hair, it’s just a thick curly mess in a bun.  With all that is exhaustively required to care for my beautiful little girl, I have put my needs on hold for awhile now; forgetting that I need to add in a little time to take care of myself.  Now that she is becoming more independent and well into toddler-hood, I can focus more on getting myself back into shape from the inside-out and work on achieving a state of élan!*

On this portion of my blog,  I am going to explore new beauty and fashion ideas for the single mom and the occasional date night out.

*The definition of élan – a combination of style and energetic confidence!