About Me

Hello my name is Jennifer and welcome to my personal blog! I originally started this blog to share stories about my family, marriage, love and faith but when divorce sadly struck my life, things quickly changed for me.  I wouldn’t say things changed for the worst because many positives happened during this transition. As I struggled to find clarity in this new way of life, my situation forced me to rediscover who I am, what life is all about and how to successfully be happy and strong as a single mom to my beautiful little girl, just to name a few.

My heart was (and still is) deeply broken because I came into marriage believing in the notion that marriage is for a lifetime and nothing could change that.  Unfortunately my ex-husband wasn’t on the same page as me and I had no choice but to move on.  

I strongly believe that my faith in God had a huge part in helping my life shape back into order and by his grace I was able to find some peace and strength to carry forward.  Nonetheless, I do struggle each day to keep my faith and life at a healthy balance because there are some days I do feel lost, angry and sorrowful.

Honestly speaking, because of this major blow to my heart, love for myself and self-confidence took a huge beating.  I started to believe that I wasn’t worth being loved again.  Months had gone by since the divorce and I found myself absorbed in unhealthy habits to deal with the pain.  I mourned by eating unhealthy foods and wrapped myself up in dating the wrong men just so I could feel loved again.

My main focus of this blog is to share my journey of obtaining self-love and happiness through fun activities, building a healthy mind and body, understanding what I truly believe in my faith and hopefully finding a never-ending love in the process!

I hope to inspire and bring light to those who are feeling lost in this divorced lifestyle. It’s a difficult place to be in, believe me, I know. You become labeled as the “single-parent” and it is awkward to hangout with friends that have an enduring loving family life. Also, it is just as difficult to enjoy the lifestyle of the single kid-free friends as well because priorities and responsibilities are different.

I hope you enjoy reading and please share with me your victories and struggles because having a community of like-minded people to reach out to is a great source for healing.

Blessings to all,