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The Dangers of Online Meeting

**UPDATE** Hi all! I’m gonna tell you a little story about how I was catfished by an Instagram user! Sigh, it’s quite embarrassing but at the same time was a blessing in disguise. Although my story has a happy ending these situations happen very often and are very dangerous! Many ill people hide behind their… Continue reading The Dangers of Online Meeting

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Surround Yourself with Positive Energy!

If you surround yourself with with doubt and insecurities you put yourself in a place to stay surrounded with that negative energy. People who focus on your failures and fears, although they mean well, cannot help you grow. Be with people that acknowledge your shortcomings by encouragement and strengthening you with their influence. The worst… Continue reading Surround Yourself with Positive Energy!

Divorce · Lessons Learned · Love

Love is More (than Vanity)

As Mies Van der Rohe would say “less is more” when referring to architectural design,  I have found that this phrase may apply to many other aspects of life but it certainly does not apply to love! “Love deeply desires the soul and gladly receiving whatever body accompanies it…” a quote from http://www.fiercemarriage.com, Facebook post 9/29/2019.… Continue reading Love is More (than Vanity)