“And may the Lord direct your hearts, in the charity of God and with the patience of Christ.” 2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3‬:‭5‬ CPDV

The great Dr. Ben Carson described poverty in the message below as something he couldn’t stand.  I could relate to his thoughts on this and although his situation was less fortunate than most he came out on top!  I love his story because his mother encouraged him and his brother to read in which reading transformed his life!

“We did live in dire poverty.  And one of the things that I hated was poverty.  Some people hate spiders.  Some people hate snakes.  I hated poverty.  I couldn’t stand it.  My mother couldn’t stand the fact that we were doing poorly in school, and she prayed and she asked God to give her wisdom.  What could she do to get her young sons to understand the importance of developing their minds so that they control their own lives? God gave her the wisdom.  At least in her opinion.  My brother and I didn’t think it was that wise.  Turn off the TV, let us watch only two or three TV programs during the week.  And with all that spare time read two books a piece from the Detroit Public Libraries and submit to her written book reports, which she couldn’t read but we didn’t know that.  I just hated this.  My friends were out having a good time.  Her friends would criticize her.  My mother didn’t care.  But after a while I actually began to enjoy reading those books.  Because we were very poor, but between the covers of those books I could go anywhere.  I could be anybody.  I could do anything.  I began to read about people of great accomplishment.  And as I read those stories, I began to see a connecting thread.  I began to see that the person who has the most to do with you, and what happens to you in life, is you.  You make decisions.  You decide how much energy you want to put behind that decision.  And I came to understand that I had control of my own destiny.  And at that point I didn’t hate poverty anymore, because I knew it was only temporary.  I knew I could change that.  It was incredibly liberating for me.  Made all the difference.”  Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.

Reading has the ability to build a magnificent mind, such as Dr. Ben Carson.  I already see the effects that reading has on my toddler’s vocabulary and understanding as I read to her everyday.

With that being said, I have started writing children’s books in hopes to help build the minds for all of God’s beautiful children.  With each book sold a portion will go towards funds to reach children in poverty; books will be donated, books will be read and a life will change.

Please help me to take a stand for children in need, if you would like to donate please click here to reach our donation page.

Stay tuned for my first publication!

God Bless You All,